All the information you need to know about chianti classico wine

Chianti Classico, a wine from the Chianti region of Italy. The wine is a deep ruby red and can be made dry or sweet depending on how much sugar was added to ferment the grapes. It’s most commonly used in cooking recipes that call for robust flavours like beef stew or braised short ribs because it has an earthy taste with hints of black cherry. This blog post will let you know all about chianti classico wine to help you decide to buy chianti Classico.
What Is Chianti Classico?
Chianti Classico is a famous wine from the yards of Italy including famous regions like Tuscany. It is finely aged and tastes heavenly. In fact, you can pair it up with so many dishes to get the perfect experience of wine tasting.
What does chianti classic taste like?
It tastes fruity, but there are undertones of vanilla, which gives it character and separates itself from other wines. If you want something different, try pairing this rich flavorful wine with grilled portabella mushrooms cooked over a charcoal fire, topped off with some goat cheese crumbles.
How is chianti classico wine made?
The grapes are crushed and left to ferment for a couple of weeks. During the fermentation process, they break down into alcohol creating carbon dioxide and other byproducts such as esters and tannins, which give this wine its distinctive flavour.
After it’s fermented, Chianti Classico goes through malo-lactic conversion where the tart malic acid that originally exists in grape juice changes into softer lactic acid, which mellows out these flavours adding complexity to your typical red table wines. There may be some sediment at the bottom, so don’t forget to serve it with a decanter or swirl on some air before pouring yourself a glass! We hope that this was helpful!