Downloading mp3 online: necessary features of the site

Almost everyone would love to listen to mp3 songs. There are so many sites offering such mp3 tracks. However, you should ensure the availability of the following features on the site.
Sizes – Your data availability and importance of quality will decide the size of the song. So, variety in sizes can be helpful.
Playlist – If you are looking for a streaming site, there should be a playlist facility to group similar kinds of songs and hear them easily.
On-device downloading – There are two kinds of mp3 downloading apps in the market. The first type will let you download and use the songs even without the app installed on the device. The second type will delete the downloaded songs once you delete the application. You should ignore the second type and should prefer the previous one as that music will be available until you decide to delete it.
Music info – It is helpful if the music platform contains songs with their entire background like the date of production, the artists involved, the kind of release, and much more.
No or little ads – The music platforms are not operating completely for free and hence, they will generate money with some ads. However, having numerous ads within one download session will be hectic. So, you should avoid those platforms that are bombarding users with tons of ads in a short span and should choose the one with limited ads or no ads. Your process will be smooth in such platforms.
Lyrics – Not every music lover will listen only to music but most of them would try to sing it loud. If you wish to do so, you should know the lyrics. It will be helpful if the platform shows the lyric of the song while it is playing. Sometimes, you can even download the lyric video version of the song also.