How to check if an .exe file is safe

Have you downloaded an .exe file, and you aren’t sure if it’s safe? Before running the file, you need to be sure if it’s safe and won’t harm your machine. The rundll32.exe process information is vital in assessing the worthiness of an application. Following these simple will let you see if the file is safe for use.
Check the .exe file using windows defender
Window versions have window security built in an easy way to scan the .exe files. If you have the file on your desktop, click on the file and select the scan with the Microsoft defender option. If you can’t get the location of the .exe file that you want, right click on it and select “open file location.” After opening the file location, right click on the file once and scan it. Don’t use the file on your machine unless the file gets marked safe.
Check if the .exe has a publisher
Are you still not sure if the .exe file is safe? Right click on the file to access the properties. Analyze the properties to see if the file has a known publisher. If a major company or Microsoft signs a file, then chances are it’s safe to use. For a file that has all the bets off and not signed, check under the digital structure to see once you check file properties.
Check the file using a sandbox
The latest Windows versions have a free sandbox feature that will allow you to run applications in a safe environment on your machine. Copy the .exe file, open the sandbox’s search box, and paste the file in it. Run the sandbox to see the results.
Keep track of all the apps on your PC to protect your machine from threats. Get rid of all .exe files that aren’t safe for use.
What is rundll32.exe
How long have you been using windows? If it’s a long time, you are familiar with rundll32.exe from in the tax manager. Many people have no clear view of this program and its work. You might even mistake it as a threat to your PC. Don’t worry about it because the program is there to help other programs held in the DLL (dynamic link library) run well. The rundll32.exe program has no threat, but run a scan to be sure if you think it has. In this article, you will learn what this rundll32.exe is.
What is rundll32.exe
As seen earlier, the rundll32.exe software aids other programs in DLL files to run. The DLL has routine sets used by several window programs. Rundll32.exe runs the DLL program files to run either of the routines meaning a DLL file can’t launch independently.