How to Replace Replacement uPVC Window Handles

Whether you’re attempting to add a cosy nook to your living room or a stylish touch to your kitchen, cockspur window handles are the answer. These simple latch-type handles are a classic addition to any home. Unlike the old fashioned espag, cockspur window handles do not operate on internal gearing. They are made of metal and have a nose that closes onto the window frame.
The cockspur window handle is commonly used on windows with a slim frame. Its size is typically 58mm between its outer centres. This means that the handle is a good fit for many upvc window frames. However, some manufacturers include three or four holes on the window. These draught-proof handles are designed for both modern and traditional homes. These types of handles are also suitable for older windows.
If you’re looking for a replacement window handle, Charisma’s Cockspur window handles are the ideal choice. They come in a range of different colours and nose heights. The backset of a Cockspur window handle is measured from the underside of the nose to the base of the screw plate. If your window isn’t fully closed, a draught will be blocked out.
cockspur window handles are typically used on older windows. They are generally 9mm high and can be retrofitted to fit different sizes of windows. They have a key locking mechanism that locks the window and closes with a snap. They also usually come in left- or right-handed varieties. They are made by the same manufacturer as a Yale-type window handle, although they have different step sizes. Regardless of the size of your window, a Cockspur window handle will ensure that your window is completely secure and that it will not leak.
Cockspur window handles can be found on windows with older windows. These handle types are often found on windows with thinner frames. They do not contain an internal mechanism and operate by turning 90 degrees. They are the most commonly used window handle style on UPVC double-glazed windows. The name cockspur is derived from the spur on the back of the cockspur handle, which is one of the most common types of cockspurs.
If you’re replacing the handles on an old window, you must measure the step height of the window to ensure a proper fit. If you’re replacing a standard espag window handle, measure the height of the cockspur handle. If you’re using an espag handle, the window handle will be a 9mm high stubby. If you want a smaller cockspur window handle, you can choose a 21mm-high espag handle.
cockspur window handles are the most common type of espag handle. Aside from their appearance, cockspur window handles have a distinctive color. Some of them are reminiscent of butterflies and other tropical birds, making them attractive and enhancing a room’s decor. In addition, they are easy to order online. You can find them online or at local hardware stores. When ordering a cockspur window handle, make sure to check the dimensions of the espag before you purchase.