Key features of zonbase for amazon sellers

If you sell on amazon, you probably have an idea of how Zonbase works. There are a lot of sellers who use Best Amazon Software and the features they provide to help improve their performance when it comes to selling on Amazon. When just starting out your online business, these features could help you do your research, spy on competition and also give you tips for improving your operations. There is a wide range of features which you can all access and use once you begin using zonbase today. Find out how essential the following zonbase features are today.

Zon-Research and search engine extension

In case you want detailed information on a product, this feature will come in handy to pinpointing your search to the results that you need. There are numerous products online and so are the number of sellers that use amazon for their products. ZON research is instrumental for sellers doing research on other products by giving detailed information within reasonable speed.

Sales Estimator & tracker

The estimator feature and tracker ability of the software is useful for seller sin developing a better understanding of the market. With it, you can know how goods from certain sellers are selling to give you an idea of how the competition really is. This feature also gives you the tips you need to market your goods properly on Amazon improving your sales success. Your business rank can be tracked using the addressed keyword that people use for searches online.

Listing optimization

Listing optimization and pageOne is a feature that is provided by zonbase. Sellers can use it to optimize the listing of your products on the website. It can convince A9 algorithm for amazon to reveal the listing of products on your website. Using you can improve your chances of ranking first list on Amazon when your products or services are searched for.